Thailand Villa Rental Questions Answered

Here you will find answers to questions that are frequently asked in respect of renting the Thai villa or about travel to Thailand in general - including things to bring, do's and don'ts, and general Thailand travel tips.

Rice Paddy Villa: Useful Trip Info

Q: Can I telephone you to discuss Rice Paddy Villa and the holiday rental?
A: Yes! Please feel free to telephone Thailand (+66) 81-9180500 (or 081-9180500 from within Thailand.)

Q: Is there a fixed day upon which all villa rentals start and around which we need to plan our Thailand holiday? A: No! Rentals may start on any day and end on any day, subject only to availability.

Q: Is there a minimum length of stay?
A: The minimum rental period of the Thai villa is 7 nights Please feel free to check with us according to the period you would prefer to book. Villas offering stays of only two nights or more are listed in the right menu under "More Thai Villas".

Q: Is a villa rental is costlier than renting a room in a hotel or resort?
A: A room or hotel in a resort can often be the same price or more expensive than renting our Thai villa - and that is before adding in the generally exorbitant charges made by hotels and resorts in Thailand for food and drinks or other services. Whether you would normally book one room or two at a resort depending upon the number of guests, do remember that you will have the entire villa to yourselves, you can enjoy the swimming pool in full privacy, you will enjoy an authentic experience as part of the local community rather than being a soulless room number, and will have no additional charges for food, drink, transfers etc.

Q: Do I need a visa for travel to Thailand?
A: Thailand generally gives a 30 day visa exemption or visa on arrival for nationals of most countries. If you plan to spend over 30 days, you may generally apply for a three month tourist visa at a Thai embassy or consulate in your home country. Regulations are subject to change so you should check visa requirements in force prior to travelling to Thailand, but at the time of publication (2019) nationals of the following countries are granted 30 day visas on arrival:
Andorra Australia Austria Bahrain Belgium Brunei Canada Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Iceland Indonesia Ireland Israel Italy Japan Kuwait Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Malaysia Maldives Mauritius Monaco Netherlands New Zealand Norway Oman Philippines Poland Portugal Qatar San Marino Singapore Slovakia Slovenia South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey Ukraine United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States

Q: How is payment made and what is your policy on deposits and cancellations?
A: We generally request a partial deposit at the time of booking, whilst the bulk of the cost of the stay may be paid at the villa itself. Deposits may be made by Paypal or bank transfer. Should you wish to cancel, and do so within 60 days prior to the booked date of arrival, we will be happy to apply your deposit to a new booking commencing within 60 days of the date of cancellation.

At the Thai Holiday Villa

Q: When can we check in?
A: We aim to be as flexible as possible to make your trip as comfortable as we can. At the time of booking, please let us have your estimated arrival times and we will ensure that these are respected, to make your holiday as relaxing as possible. We do not enforce arbitrary check in or check out times for guests who have specified their arrival and departure times in advance, as nothing is more annoying than being told "your villa is not ready" upon arrival!

Q: Are towels and linen provided?
A: Yes! We provide towels for use in the bathrooms and at the pool, and beds are fully made up with crisp cotton linen and duvets. Nobody wants to travel with these in their luggage!

Q: How often is the property cleaned?
A. We offer a maid service than can be scheduled at your convenience - this can be on a daily basis or less often, depending upon the degree of privacy sought.

Q: What is the electricity voltage?
A: The voltage is 220 volts, with 2- and 3-pin plug sockets.

Q: Is there a cleaning fee upon departure?
A: No.

Flights, cars and trains to Udon Thani

Air travel to Udon Thani Udon Thani is a 50 minute flight away from Bangkok. There are also daily flights from Phuket to Udon Thani and from Chiang Mai to Udon Thani. Flights may be booked online via Thai Airways, or on budget carriers Nok Air, Air Asia and Thai Lion.

Bangkok to Udon Thani by train
There are several trains that leave Bangkok for Udon Thani each day. Details of train travel in Thailand and options for booking train tickets online may be found at our page about how to get to Udon Thani. By car Car hire is readily arranged and inexpensive in Thailand, and allows guests the greatest possible flexibility and independence during their holiday at the villa.

Whether you arrive by air, by train or by car, we will be happy to arrange to meet you at an agreed location and tie to escort you to the property.

What should I bring with me to Thailand?

There is so much to eat, and so many new fruits and dishes to try, that a healthy appetite should unquestionably be on your packing list. If you are on a diet, simply ask for all your meals to be prepared with abundant additional chilies, and these will help you minimize the calories taken on.

An Open Mind
The language, culture, traditions and way of life in Isan (Northeast Thailand) are very different from those abroad, and also vary considerably from those elsewhere in Thailand. Integrate yourself through observation, or read up about local history and culture. Take the opportunity to learn something new from this fascinating region - allow us to teach you how to make traditional Isan dishes and Thai food, immerse yourself in the paddy fields, learn to commandeer a Skylab tuk-tuk, to play the "morlam" flutes or take up Thai boxing!

An Open Book
For lazing by the private swimming pool, and as a background to your stay, bring a good book to leaf through at the villa. Reading up on Thailand in general and on the area in particular will deepen your understanding of the region, its history, traditions and culture. Avoid buying the overpriced books at Thailand's airports and head instead for a local bookstore or department store.

A Way with Words
If you plan to travel throughout Thailand, then a Thai phrasebook will be helpful, especially away from the major tourist centres. Learning just a few simple words and phrases will endear you to the locals, and establish an excellent rapport. Whilst the villagers around the vacation villa all speak Thai, their indigenous language or dialect is Isan, itself fundamentally the same as Lao rather than Thai. Thus, to really impress the locals here, a Lao phrasebook will be your most powerful linguistic ally.

A Willingness to Adapt
Thailand's power supply is 220 volts (at 50 Hertz). Plus are generally two or three pin (see photo of Thai plugs below), although are far from standardized across the country, so travel with an adaptor is recommended - don't forget that you may want to charge a mobile telephone, a laptop, a camera, a video recorder etc. throughout the kingdom and beyond. Adaptors may be bough inexpensively in Thailand.

Personal Medication
Whilst pharmacies dispense almost all medicines, including those that would be sold on a prescription-only basis overseas, and whilst there are international hospitals in Udon Thani, you may want to bring any personal medication with you to avoid errors in dosages etc. International brands of suntan lotion are readily found in Udon Thani - although the Thai find it amusing to see foreigners trying to darken their skin, whilst foreigners chuckle when they see Thais using umbrellas or balaclavas to protect their skin from any further darkening. Use a (40% or more) DEET based mosquito repellent if mosquitoes find you particularly seductive or if you are especially sensitive.

Thailand is generally hot all year round - further details are available on our Udon Thani weather page. As such, light cotton or linen clothing is the most comfortable. You may want to bring a jacket or sweater for the nights in December and January. Dress appropriately: at the villa you are free to dress down and relax in privacy, but trips to temples or government office call for long trousers or a skirt with a full-sleeved top. Swimming costumes or bikinis are fine at the villa but are not considered appropriate in the local villages.