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Welcome to Rice Paddy Villa - your holiday villa in Thailand

There is magic here...

Close your eyes and imagine. Let us transport you to an exotic country idyll in the heartlands of Thailand. You are lying under the tropical sunshine, gazing out over lush rice paddies, an ice-cold blended mango juice in your hands. Beside you, your private  pool sparkles as its waters lap lazily at your feet. Immense, iridescent butterflies flit flirtatiously  by in splashes of  yellows and greens. In the distance, a wallowing water buffalo turns to stare at you with heavy eyes. To the rasping rustle  of cicadas,   your mind wanders to  wonder what spicy and  inspired creation awaits you for lunch...

Rice Paddy Villa is a Thai holiday home with a difference! Designed and constructed in the traditional Thai style, this extraordinary house has a private swimming pool, and enjoys complete privacy on extensive, bucolic  grounds. Nestling in the heart of the countryside of  Isan (in the province of Udon Thani in Northeast Thailand), this eclectic holiday home awaits you. Rice Paddy Villa  successfully blends reclaimed architectural details with every modern convenience and the luxury of space, comfort , privacy and nature.

Choose to unwind, to relax to the full by the tranquil private pool, and enjoy freshly cooked Thai meals. Alternatively, house yourselves at Rice Paddy Villa as a unique location from which to experience the traditional village life of rural Thailand. Explore the countryside with its places of natural beauty,  mingle with the local villagers, witness and participate in the indigenous ways of life. You are a welcome visitor in this otherwise little travelled region.

Your Thai host  family lives in a village a couple of kilometres from the holiday villa. They are both Isan natives, have raised their family here and look after the guests at the villa whilst also tending to their farm comprising rice paddies, rubber trees, cattle, chickens, duck and native woodlands. They will prepare sumptuous dishes for you as you prefer  them - either with the genuine, searing chilli zing of Northeast Thailand, or milder versions for those who prefer  less spicy food. If you prefer a  holiday where you prepare your own international dishes or Thai food, the  villa is also available for rent on a self-catering basis.

Full details of this  rental villa in the countryside of Thailand may be found on our detailed  Thailand vacation rental villa description page.

Whether you plan to travel to Thailand on holiday for the first time, or return to the kingdom on a regular basis, Rice Paddy Villa offers a  vacation experience unique in Thailand . The villa may be booked as from February 2011: travellers seeking a unique and authentic taste of Thailand prior to that date are invited to visit the two Thailand holiday houses listed in the menu to the right.

Rice Paddy Villa offers you an authentic Thai holiday retreat, away from the growling traffic and pollution of Bangkok , and a getaway from the hawker-haunted meccas of Phuket, Pattaya or Koh Samui. If you seek a genuine experience in Thailand and wish to retreat off the beaten path to relax and recharge, or are looking for excellent value as an alternative to a more restrictive  Thai hotel or resort holiday, Rice Paddy Villa will hit the spot!